The Sologne

Sologne, land full of history, mysteries and legends but also
hunting ground.

What hunter never one day dreamed of treading in the footsteps of Raboliot?

Sologne is a French natural area located in the center Val de Loire, between the two rivers that are the Loire and Cher. It is south of Orleans, on a part of the departments of Cher, Loiret and Loir et Cher and covers almost 500 000 hectares.
Sologne is a poor and wet ground. Forest and many ponds make a strong tradition to earth Fishing and Hunting in which to come to recharge and relax.


The Brenne

Brenne, mainly known for its ponds (about 2000) and its wild side make it a true earth Hunting and Fishing.
Paradise for waterfowl hunters, it remains rich with big game.

Brenne is a French natural area located in the department of Indre. It covers nearly 166,000 hectares.

Brenne is a poor and wet ground. perfect destination for hunters but also for lovers of fishing, botany and ornithology, this peaceful, authentic, composed of ponds, marshes, reedbeds, heathland, meadows and forests home to a large number of animal species and plant.